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Hello, I'm Emily!

I’m Emily Cuddy, and you can usually find me wearing my favourite ‘Kale’

t-shirt and dreaming of the day when Canadians line up to supersize their salad.


It’s a long way from the corporate rat race in Vancouver, where I was doing my best to climb the corporate ladder when my mother became seriously ill.


I witnessed firsthand the impact a change in diet had on my mother’s health and was inspired to transform the way people think about fast food.


Instead of a burger joint on every corner, I want to see a salad shop. I’m starting my quest with The Green Window – located in the heart of my home town, London, Ontario.


My mission? To make fast food that is fresh, healthy, delicious, satisfying, and convenient.


As a London-based business owner, I’m equally committed to supporting local farmers by sourcing locally whenever possible.


Together, we can build a healthier community, one delicious meal at a time.

- Emily Cuddy

green window Oct 2022-00043.jpg

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